11 reasons why Jack Monroe is a left wing hero

Jack Monroe is a food writer who started out blogging when they fell into poverty and had to feed their young son with a meagre budget of £10 a month. After being discovered, Monroe became known as a campaigner for poverty and social justice.

Difficulties with mental health followed but they bounced back. They came out as transgender and decided to publicly live as nonbinary.

They are a role model to young people looking for their place in the world. These are just some of the reasons why Jack Monroe is a left wing hero.

1) A talented food writer

Going on their blog – Living on a Bootstrap (previously known as ‘A Girl Called Jack’) – is a very different experience to most food blogs. The food is delicious, but also carefully costed to ensure it only ends up costing you a few pennies, a lifeline for anyone in a place of financial despair. Buy Jack's recipe books 'A Year in 120 Recipes' and 'A Girl Called Jack'. 

2) A trans role model

There are precious few role models for young people coming to terms with a gender identity that doesn’t fit what they see in the rest of the world. Jack has been public and helped educate a lot of people about what it can mean to be nonbinary.

3) Campaigns on poverty and hunger relief

They have visited food banks to understand the people that rely on it to help feed them. Jack has worked with nPower to launch a scheme that helped give people fuel vouchers. This resonates with their experience whilst living in poverty of the heartbreaking decision to heat or eat.

4) Stayed close to their roots

Monroe has been immensely successful since the blog has gained popularity. Commercial deals have followed and you can’t help but be happy for someone that deserves success through their tenacity.

Jack helped front a major Sainsbury’s advertising campaign. However, they accepted a living wage and donated the rest of the fee to charities like food banks. A fitting reflection on a kind hearted person.

5) Comes from my hometown

I am not saying that you have to be from Southend-on-Sea to be a left wing hero, but it helps. As someone from Essex, a place with stark contrasts in terms of wealth and poverty, Jack’s story always provokes my instincts for a fairer society.

6) A good parent

People are often critical of Jack and are probably intimidated by their tattoos and bold language. But fundamentally, you can tell that Jack cares about the ‘Small Boy’ in their life, as he is often lovingly described on the blog.

7) Took on Katie Hopkins and won

Jack successfully sued extreme right wing hate mongerer Katie Hopkings for libel in a public fallout. Whilst this was an achievement that is heroic for anyone with a sense of human decency, it came at great personal cost. Jack described the ordeal as ‘costly and emotionally exhausting’.

8) Vegan

Jack has been vegan for a few years now and advocates the use of simple, easy to find foods like lentils and chickpeas rather than ridiculously expensive and obscure ingredients. However, they cook recipes on the blog with meat in them from time to time, for people that do eat it and want some healthy and cheap recipes.

9) Fights injustice

In one of Jack’s many columns in the Guardian, they exposed a school that placed children in lunch isolation because parents had fallen beyond on bill payments, punishing children for the poverty of their parents

10) Bounced back from mistakes

Jack admits that they aren’t perfect. They apologised through private letters and public tweets and articles for a misjudged tweet that criticised David Cameron for using ‘misty-eyed’ rhetoric about the death of his son for political reasons. Nonetheless, Jack is compassionate and admits coming back wiser and you cannot doubt their conviction as someone who genuinely cares about other people.

11) Inspirational

Follow Jack on Twitter, where their account sums up the philosophy of their life.

“Live your life with forgiveness, grace and compassion at the heart of everything you do.” – Jack Monroe – January 2018

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