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This blog is about VoxPopMe, an app that I would recommend for anyone looking to make a small amount of money in your spare time. You log in to the app, choose a survey question on politics, social issues or businesses, record a short video and then get rewarded with a small gift.

As a political blogger, I have quite a few strongly-held opinions and am always looking for new chances to share them. A few years ago, when I was studying my politics degree at university and starting up Politics Beyond Politicians, new money-making opportunities were always a welcome bonus and this is the only one I have stuck with in the years since.

How it works:
1) Download the app, available for iOS and Android devices.

2) Fill out a little information about yourself

3) In your questions feed, you see a variety of different surveys, with more added regularly

4) Pick a question and then record a short video clip of no more than a minute answering the question.

5) Upload your answer, preferably on a decent WiFi connection

6) When you hit £10, cash out through PayPal and the money hits your account within a couple of days.

Some example questions:

These are some examples of the questions I have answered and the amount I was paid:

What's your opinion of Theresa May? £0.25
What are the main challenges you face when job hunting? £0.63
What do you think of the Conservative manifesto? £0.25
How do you think 2017's election will affect Brexit? £0.25

There are also opportunities to do more involved tasks:
Show us your evening meal £2.50
Look through two catalogues and answer questions about your impressions £3.50

  • The surveys are easy and quick to complete, taking a minute to record and another minute to upload
  • Whilst the reward for each survey is usually under £1, it builds up quickly and doesn't take long to cash out
  • Good variety of questions on different topics
  • Unlike other survey sites, you don't fill out lots of questions then get told you aren't eligible for the survey
  • There are lots of extra surveys that let you unlock more questions
  • Bonus opportunities to earn bigger chunks of money if you do get in there quickly
  • You have to be comfortable filming a video talking about these topics. Whilst the vast majority are annonymous for market research purposes, they may also use them in other areas eg social media.
  • Sometimes you may run out of questions because they are targeted, but if you are patient then more will come along.
Overall, I would really recommend VoxPopMe and suggest that anyone interested in earning a little extra money or sharing their opinions download it and give it a go. The links in this article are affiliate, which means I get an extra bonus in the app if you download it and fill out a response, but this hasn't affected my recommendation. They haven't asked me to write this review, I have used the app for many years and think it is wonderful!

VoxPopMe App Review VoxPopMe App Review Reviewed by Ciaran McCormick on 17:01 Rating: 5

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