9 ridiculous insults used against left wing people

The internet is a place where good people do bad things anonymously. Political debate is useful but insults from all sides are used to destabilise sensible discussion. These are the most ridiculous insults used against left wing people.

1) Snowflake

Right wingers call people special snowflakes to criticise them for being overly sensitive. It is often levelled at young people and argued that the youth of today are hypersensitive. However, passions are always high and people on the right get outraged and sensitive about a huge range of issues.

Young people also have to be more resilient than older generations, who benefited from long-term job prospects, affordable housing, free education, generous pensions and environmental security.

Today, we will not have any of these benefits and will have to overcome many hardships. This means that we behave different, don’t accept online abuse and defend ourselves passionately in ways that you label as being a sensitive snowflake.

2) Leftard

Anyone that uses this insult for left wing people should be ashamed. It is an unintelligent portmanteau of left and a word renowned for its use to oppress people with disabilities.

3) Social justice warrior

Social justice is defined as the fair distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society. This is impossible to disagree with, unless you are someone who wants to hold onto the unfair and excessive privileges that they benefit from.

Calling someone a warrior is a way to make their behaviour and tone seem unreasonable. It is also uncomfortable close to equating someone’s actions with violence, which is especially problematic in a time of such devastating terrorism. Actually, we are all just trying to have intelligent debate, but this is an easy way to derail a conversation.

4) Cultural Marxist

This is an easy insult used to accuse people of being secret communists. It taps into ridiculous conspiracy theories that Marxists have infiltrated social institutions like the media and science to bring down society.

It is used by people as a catch-all for anything left wing that someone wants to make sound evil, regardless of whether or not it is Marxist.

Worryingly, the phrase started life in Nazi Germany as ‘cultural Bolshevism’ where it was used to clamp down on freedom of expression and spread anti-Semitic propaganda 

5) Cuck

The word cuck started out as a sexual term relating to a man who is weak enough to let another man flirt, cheat or steal his woman. Aside from the grotesque misogyny and ownership of women that this implies, it has since taken on political meaning.

The far right now use cuck or ‘cuckservative’ to talk about conservatives that sympathise or adopt with left wing policies or values. Of course, on the internet, it is also now used to insult anything left wing that is deemed weak.

6) Feminazi

A feminist is a person who believes that men and women should be equal. They try and achieve that by eradicating the disadvantages faced by women and helping men overcome the disadvantages they experience from the patriarchy. How could you disagree with this?

However, this insult is one of my most loathed on this list. Equating this noble mission to reduce inequality in society to the most notorious genocidal fascist regime in history is beyond evil. It is done solely to antagonise.

7) Regressive left

I admit that this is an insult I haven’t heard before, but uncovered it whilst researching this article. It is used to criticise people that hold inconsistent liberal views. The main example is left wing people that tolerate Islamic conservatism. However, this glosses over the complex nature of the issues. Just because some liberals choose to challenge the hate against Muslims, doesn’t mean they agree with everything they do. Controversies like the burqa have powerful arguments on all sides.

8) Liberal elite

Apparently, elite institutions like the BBC are biased towards the left. Also, apparently, they are biased towards the right. More likely, they offer different viewpoints that always offend someone.

Use this and you probably forgot about the conservative elite.

9) Champagne socialist

A champagne socialist is someone that argues for left wing values but lives a luxurious lifestyle.

This ignores all of the following:
  • Plenty of right wingers live luxurious lifestyles but don’t get criticised
  • Right wing people claim that wealth is the ultimate and desirable aim in society
  • It tells influential and wealth left wing people that they aren’t allowed to voice an opinion
  • It tries to police the behaviour of left wing people
  • It inspires some cruel behaviour eg poor people on benefits shouldn’t be allowed nice things because they don’t deserve them. Junior doctors and nurses should not get paid very much because they are in the public sector and don’t deserve nice things like people in the private sector.
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