Politicians Against The People – the controversial new card game

The racism of the elderly. Fighting elections with memes. Complaining in North Korea.
These are not the punchlines in any ordinary card game. Neither Scrabble nor Monopoly require you to choose morally dubious answers to morally abhorrent questions. However, it is this blend of humour that inspired me to create Politicians Against The People.

We all enjoy politics and its fun to watch bizarre and self-important people make idiots of themselves on an international stage. People banter about politics down the pub, but it can be awkward if not everyone agrees.
However, our generation loves to play games. They are making a comeback and are no longer boring or uncool. This is a political card game with something for everyone. Whether you are a political devotee or you don’t know your May’s from your Thatcher’s (who can), then there will be cards that will delight and horrify you.
The game may cause offence. Political issues can touch on the most grotesque parts of society and Nigel Farage. The offensiveness and controversy will probably be your fault, as it is the combinations of cards you choose that show your true colours.
The format of the game is simple and probably familiar. It has been popularised by a number of games, including the amusing Cards Against Humanity. My game has two piles of cards – red and blue.
1)      One player picks up a red card that contains a statement or question with a blank space or spaces. For example: ‘We will govern not for the few but in the interests of ________.’
2)      Every other player then has to choose blue card(s) to fill in the blank(s), such as ‘Selling arms to Middle Eastern dictators.’
3)      The person that drew the red card picks the funniest blue card and that person wins the round. They keep the red card. The player with the most red cards when you decide to end the game is declared the victor.

With cards such as ‘Nationalising Wetherspoons to cut the price of pints’, ‘ignoring the Welsh’ and ‘waterboarding’ in your hand, who could possibly beat you?
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