16 of the best ideas from the 2017 Labour election manifesto

Unlike most people, this general election I have read both the Conservative and Labour manifestos. It is the only way to see the policies that they plan to introduce without the filter of media bias.

The Conservative manifesto is written in vague terms, with lots of statements you can't help but agree with - nobody disagrees with words like fairness, justice and helping poor and vulnerable people. 

However, its unspecific nature and the track record of seven years of brutal and callous Tory austerity overshadows it. It makes you think that the reality of a Conservative government will be far worse than the gloomy but inclusive document they have released.

They will continue to drag our nation backwards and hurt the most vulnerable in our society whilst lining the pockets of the rich. Their reason to govern was to reduce the deficit, which they have made worse and damaged our national finances.

However, the Labour manifesto is much more concrete, with purposeful and concrete proposals on every page. It is fully costed, with concessions to many opposing parties such as accepting Brexit and building houses whilst keeping the green belt safe.

Its policies are inspirational and would create the most equal and fair society for all members since the wildly successful Clement Attlee government of 1945-1951. That government created the NHS, nationalised key industries and established a substantial welfare state to support poor people.

This government could do the same in the 21st century and reverse an eviscerating generation of cuts and austerity. I will vote Labour because of the policies, the personalities and their vision for a better society. These are the highlights of the Labour manifesto:

No tax rises for 95% of people

No rises in income tax for those earning under £80,000 and no increases in personal National Insurance Contributions and VAT. Combat tax avoidance through Tax Transparency and Enforcement Programme and close tax loopholes

Eliminate the deficit

Will eliminate the deficit on day to day spending within five years, whereas the Conservatives 

Improve infrastructure

Create a National Transformation Fund to invest £250 billion over ten years in the economy

Better internet

Will deliver universal superfast broadband by 2020


Ensure that 60 per cent of the UK’s energy comes from zero-carbon or renewable sources by 2030

National Investment Bank

Create a new network of regional banks which will have a lending power of £250 billion of private money to finance small businesses, co-operatives and innovative projects.

Discourage absurd executive salaries

Will cut down on top executives earning many more times than other employees with an Excessive Pay Levy.


Improve customer service levels and stop excessive private profit by bringing rail, energy, water and mail back into public hands.


Price cap to keep bills below £1000 a year and insulate four million homes

Free education for all

Cradle to grave free education service  to make sure that every child and adult matters. Overhaul childcare system, restore funding to cash starved schools and free further and higher education.

Improve worker’s rights

The Labour manifesto has over 20 points to help ordinary workers have better lives including banning exploitative zero hours contracts, improve trade union rights, introduce more bank holidays and raise the minimum wage.

Ban the bedroom tax

End the exploitation of people in poverty. Scrap sanctions on people for ridiculous reasons, forcing them to go homeless and hungry because of callous administrative targets. Restore housing benefit to those below the age of 21.

Build more homes

Labour will invest in over a million new homes and tackle the housing crisis, as well as embarking on an ambitious new council house building programme. Rent controls will shield private renters from the insecurity of the market and unscrupulous landlords. Make 4,000 additional homes available for people with a history of rough sleeping to ease the suffering  of people from all backgrounds in this vulnerable state.

Restore the NHS

Take one million people off NHS waiting lists and keep it free at the point of delivery, with £30 billion funded through tax on the top 5% of earners and private medical insurance. Establish a National Care Service to help fund services for elderly people.

More police

Recruit 10,000 more police officers and improve the powers and collaboration of counter-terrorism agencies without infringing on our civil liberties.

Invest in creative industries and tourism

Labour will introduce a £1 billion Cultural Capital Fund to move our creative industries into the digital age and invest in museums, heritage, arts and culture.

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