7 products that will help you protest Brexit

Brexit is devastating, but up and down the country, people are mobilising in quiet protest. Whether you tut in a classically British way or you buy an anti-Brexit mug to take to work, you can make a difference. All of these products, shipped from across the fine continent, can help you deal with the trauma of the last few years of political tragedy.

1) An EU flag

Drape it from the poles, the homes and the people. Those stars in a happy circle, that deep royal blue - so powerful. Buy it for £8.95.

2) EU air in a tin

Breathe in freedom, or save for the nuclear fallout shelter. Buy it for £5.99.

3) Cook leavers food from this Brexit cookbook

Nothing puts people off Brexit than having to eat British food - from blood puddings to haggis. Buy it for £7.99.

4) A Brexit self-help guide

It promises to include stress-relief such as Boris makeovers and games of Pokemon Gove. Buy it for £7.99.

5) Britain/EU friendship pin badge

Get this stylish badge that makes your political point. Buy it for £3.95.

6) Political apocalypse hoodie

Brexit + Trump = Voter zombies desperately looking for some brains. Buy it for £29.99.

7) The Brexit survival activity book

Includes the great Brexit sing-a-long! Buy this bundle of joy for £7.99.

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