7 Politicians To Fall In Love With This Valentines Day

1) Barack Obama

The former US President stole our hearts for eight years and continues to prove himself the ultimate heartthrob in politics. You would bring him back to your mom and he would fistbump and play basketball with your dad. Michelle is a lucky lady.

Read Obama's books Dreams From My Father and The Audacity of Hope.

2) Julia Bonk

Whilst Julia is not a household name in international politics, she has both the beauty and the political talent needed to make it on this list. She is famous for becoming Germany's youngest member of parliament at just 18 and served for ten years. Her signature red hair and amusingly appropriate surname makes her perfect for this Valentines list.

3) Sadiq Khan

Mayor of London and our hearts, Sadiq swept to a political victory last year that attracted him swarms of fans. Fall in love for this silver fox, who is the darling of the British centre-left these days. He has humble roots as part of a family of Pakistani immigrants with a bus driver dad. However, he has transformed his life as a human rights lawyer and politician fighting for justice. Who couldn't love him?

4) Helle Thorning-Schmidt

Inspirational Danish politician Helle has earned her place on this list for her formidable accomplishments and good heart. She was Prime Minister between 2011 and 2015 and led her country's Social Democrats for a decade. Whilst she has left frontline politics, she keeps a high profile with an laudable position as Chief Executive of Save the Children.

5) Chris Skidmore

Break your rule of a lifetime and kiss a Tory. This gentleman is a historian and Google is filled with images of him pouting dramatically. Look past his support for austerity and other evil Conservative policies for your guilty fantasy this Valentines.

6) Maria Carfagna

If you are looking for a conventionally attractive political crush, then it is thin ground for men but you are spoilt for female choice. Italian politician Maria spent years as a model and was ranked top on Maxim's 'World's Hottest Politicians' list.

7) Justin Trudeau

Universally recognised as the ultimate political bae, Justin is the current Prime Minister of Canada. His accent is smooth, his politics is left and his eyes are dreamy. He is also a feminist, went out to support Syrian refugees and is always photographed outdoing adorable babies. Men everywhere might as well give up in the face of this example of human perfection.

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