The Best of 2016 on Politics Beyond Politicians

2016 has been one of the most eventful political years in recent history with Brexit and Trump amongst many other awful events. Enjoy our review of the top articles on Politics Beyond Politicians this year, according to how many people have read them.

5) This Cafe Asks for a Doctor’s Note for Anyone Ordering Gluten-Free Food

A Dublin cafe famous for its controversial policies made the news by challenging people with fad and medically unnecessary gluten-free diets. Read what they put these people through.

4) The Government Thinks Individuals Should Be Responsible For The Housing Crisis

I spotted this poster in London and broke the story about the government's offensive new ad campaign. It claims that you are responsible for the housing crisis, rather than the government for not building houses. Find out what else the campaign criticised you for.

3) The Queen Takes On Obama in Invictus Games Trailer

Two of our most beloved international treasures and heads of states teamed up in a video for the athletic games for ex military personnel. Watch the video and even though it is so glorious it might not seem real, it is.

2) Boaty McBoatface Returns as US Elementary School Tries to Pick New Name

A school in Texas almost became Boaty McBoatface or Schoolie McSchoolface. That seems lighthearted but the serious suggestions were even more scary and racist. Find out what won the poll.

1) Jonas Blue and Dakota's Fast Car is the Most Misguided Cover Song Ever

The top post on Politics Beyond Politicians this year was my critique of the feel-good song of the summer. The cover of Fast Car by Jonas Blue betrays its real political meaning for many different reasons.

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