19 Reasons Why 2016 Has Been The Worst Year In Human History

In 65,500,000 BC, an asteroid crashed into the Earth and may have triggered the Ice Age. There were some pretty bad days during World War II when millions died. However, everyone has agreed that 2016 is definitely the worst year in human history.

1) President Trump

The phrase is enough to give you cold shivers and send dogs running into alleys. This was the year we invited the misogynistic, homophobic, daughter-loving TV-Hitler into the White House. With Republican controlled Congress and the power to re-shape the Supreme Court, Trump will plunge the US into right wing ruin for decades. It doesn't give you hope that 2017 will be much better.

2) We Lost Our Most Beloved Celebrities

With every celebrity that passed away, we wondered who would be next. George Michael, David Bowie, Prince, Muhammad Ali, Alan Rickman, Gene Wilder, Harper Lee, Terry Wogan, Doris Roberts, Leonard Cohen are just the top of the list.

3) Brexit

Britain voted to reject foreign people that don't look or sound like them. It turned its back on tolerance and chose to 'take back control' as if the nationality of a politician affects their ability to not be awful.

4) Theresa May

 Who would have thought that we would miss David Cameron. He seems like a liberal puppy compared to Theresa May, who brings the charisma of a dementor to any occasion she haunts. She became our new Prime Minister in 2016, putting a dampener on an already miserable year.

5) Theme Park Tragedies

As if the Alton Tower's Smiler crash wasn't bad enough in previous years, 2016 dealt us two major theme park tragedies to ruin any fun that 2016 could have allowed. A boy was killed by an alligator at Disneyland and Australia mourned four people that died at Dreamworld waterpark when their float capsized.

6) Plane Crashes

2016 saw a particularly bad spate of plane crashes that made us all fear flying, such as the tragic crash of Egypt Air Flight 804.

7) Orlando Shooting

This horrifying night in Florida saw 49 people killed in a homophobic and racist hate crime that shocked the world.

8) Columbian Peace Deal 

Sadly, voters in a referendum in Columbia rejected the peace deal that would have ended 50 years of conflict and hundreds of thousands of needless deaths.

9) Zika

Whilst the epidemic of the disease started in 2015, it started to get particularly severe in 2016, with the World Health Organisation predicting in January that it would spread to the whole of the Americas by the end of the year.

10) Belgian Bombings

Three terrible tragedies at once as bombs in Brussells killed 32 innocent civilians and injured hundreds. It also reflects the growing worry and threat of ISIS in 2016.

11) Bastille Day

The French national celebration Bastille Day was overshadowed by an attack in Nice, which killed 86 people.

Whilst 2016 was bad enough with all these natural and man-made catastrophes, there were plenty more less serious or light-hearted tragedies...

12) Harambe

Our hearts were broken in Cincinnati as a gorilla was shot and a million memes were born.

13) Toblerone

This was the year they ruined the Swiss alps and cancelled Christmas with a chocolate catastrophe.

14) Closure of Vine

The funny social network gave us many seven second moments of joy over the years, but will be no more.

15) Sport Scandals

Professional sport is under a cloud of suspicion as major atheletes were investigated for doping allegations. The Rio Olympics were overshadowed by the scandals.

16) One Direction

This was the year of their hiatus, as their last televised appearance was New Years Eve 2015. It is up to you whether this made your year better or worse, but millions of hearts were crushed.

17) Demise of BHS

Another nail in the coffin of the British high street as this historic retailer went bankrupt. It is odd to have a Christmas shopping season without the store these days.

18) Decline of the Nightclub

Joining the struggle of the pub trade, nightlife in the UK is in terminal decline. The closure of Fabric in London was the most famous symptom in 2016 as nearly half of nightclubs in the UK have shut their doors as fun dies.

19) Facebook Marks People As Dead

Even Zuckerburg wasn't immune to a bug that turned living people's Facebook pages into memorials. However, given the state of this list of bad things in 2016, people weren't too disappointed to be told that they might not see 2017.

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