19 Beliefs That All Decent Left-Wing People Should Support

There are certain ideas that everyone should subscribe to, the beliefs that mark out a person as progressive and tolerant. Of course, there are many controversial topics that divide people, even those that share left wing and centre-left beliefs. The legalisation of drugs, role of religion, assisted suicide, education policy, industrial action, foreign policy and abortion are all good examples.

However, is it possible to disagree with the following without resorting to negativity, intolerance and prejudice? I am interested to find out your thoughts, please do share in the comments. This is my manifesto for a decent left-wing life.

1) Welfare State

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We should all endorse the safety net of the welfare state. It supports the poor, vulnerable and disadvantaged and any of us can fall into that category at any time. We have a duty to give everyone in our society a decent standard of living

2) Value of Diversity

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Different cultures, perspectives and types of people enrich our society. We should actively welcome change and new experiences as well as striving to include a range of people in our lives.

3) Animal Rights

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We must all accept that animals should be treated better than we currently do. Not all of us will successfully become vegetarian or vegan for cultural reasons or the limits of our own willpower. But we should always aim to improve animal welfare and promote respect.

4) Feminist

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All people should proudly call themselves feminists. It is simply the belief that men and women should be equal. It recognises the disadvantages that women have faced and the policies needed to equalise the situation. Feminism appreciates and redresses the unique challenges also faced by men. 

5) Nuclear Weapons

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Should be abolished. They are unnecessary and evil weapons of destruction from a mad, out of date world. We may disagree on when they should be destroyed because of the risks you perceive in the world. Fundamentally, though, we should agree that they must go. 

6) Censorship

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We should not censor views, opinions and art that we do not like. This is the principle that gives you the right to disagree with this list.

7) LGBT Rights

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People with different sexual orientations and gender identities should be respected and valued. Few of us are familiar with all variations of human identity, so we should not dismiss some because we do not understand. Gay, bisexual, lesbian, transgender and asexual people should be given the freedom to love, marry and live as they choose.

8) Gun Control

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Guns control should be as strict as possible. This saves lives.

9) Privatisation

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Not everything should be in private hands. There are some essential services such as education, health and transport that work better in effectively managed public hands. Privatisation is often ideologically driven by the interests of private profit.

10) Consent

Proper sexual consent is given enthusiastically, unequivocally and when that person is capable of doing so. Anything else is a crime. 

11) Torture

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Always wrong. No matter how much you hate the person.

12) Death Penalty

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Also always wrong. Again, no matter how much you hate the person.

13) Dangerous Medical Practices

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Ritual circumcision and female genital mutilation are among the horrific medical practices that cause harm to vulnerable and young people. No cultures and religions are exempt from this rule.

14) Climate Change

Humans have caused climate change and it is our moral duty to future generations to reduce the damage and rescue our planet.

15) Pseudo Science

We should not entertain fake belief systems that cause real harm and inhibit progress. Astrology and homeopathy seem harmless but legitimise unscientific solutions to real problems.

16) Vaccinations

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It should be compulsory and include as many preventable conditions as financially viable. Allowing people to have unvaccinated children puts young children and others at risk.

17) Tax

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Fair and progressive taxes should be increased or maintained to help redistribute wealth in our society. It is a useful way to increase public services and a flourishing society. Companies and the rich should be prevented from avoiding tax.

18) Sex Education

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Young people have a right to age-appropriate sex education that does not impose the prejudice of adults. Abstinence-only and heteronormative sex education are damaging ways to tackle the subject. 

19) Net Neutrality

The internet is one of our most powerful forms of modern communication and education. Companies should not be able to buy preferential access and censorship should not be allowed to prevail.

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