Akon and Shell Release New Music Video To Improve African Energy Access

Akon is not a name you would normally associate with the world of politics but his new music video with DJ Hardwerk has ventured into the world of energy. His new song ‘Tell Me We’re Okay’ is a catchy track with an important human message. It celebrates Shell’s part in highlighting the increasing need to provide innovative options for access to smarter energy.

This fusion of music, technology and a powerful idea has been well received by fans, glad to hear that Akon is back in the music game and making the most of his fame with his political activism.
He has recently been a big advocate of access to energy in Africa. For example, he set up the project ‘Akon Lighting Africa’ in 2014 to promote access to solar energy in Africa. He is also a strong supporter of entrepreneurs and technology, which makes the partnership in the music video even more interesting.

The video features footage shot last year at the launch of Africa’s first human and solar powered football pitch in Lagos, Nigeria, the result of Shell’s global #makethefuture programme to put bright energy ideas into action around the world.

It was developed by the entrepreneur Laurence Kemball-Cook. His company Pavegen produced the floor tiles that convert kinetic energy from footsteps into energy on the Nigerian football pitch featured in the music video. He joined Shell and Akon in December last year to officially open the pitch at the Federal College of Education, Akoka, in Lagos, which was fitted with more than 90 underground tiles that capture kinetic energy created by the movement of the players.

The lyrics of the song are relatable enough to be about any human love song. But really this song is drawing attention to something that affects us deeply – how we can spread electricity to vulnerable parts of the world that need it the most.

Akon sings:

Tell me through your tears, that this don't change nothing
And we still mean something cause some things are real
Tell me that you know, that I would be nothing
But we could be something, for all our years.

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