13 of the Funniest Protest Signs Ever

Protests are one of the perfect examples of people actually taking part in politics. They are triggered by the darkest and most desperate situations but we still manage to tell our stories through humour and charm. Here are the best:

1) Feminist mermaids

'Bright young women sick of swimming in the current of a patriarchal society'

2) Basically everything

3) People protesting hateful signs...

4) ...With their own signs

5) Everyone protesting Westboro Baptist Church

6) Dumbledore

Dumbledore wouldn't let this happen

7) Dumbledore again

Don't let this happen to Dumbledore. He is clearly an icon of protest.

8) Time Travel

In favour of course

9) Obama vs Jesus

10) Everyone vs Donald Trump

11) Sin-Sational

12) English People

Is it wrong that the unnecessary hyphen is the thing that most annoys me about this sign?

13) The Classic

'Careful now.' 'Down with this sort of thing'
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