The Queen Takes On Obama in Invictus Games Trailer

An extraordinary video has been posted on the official Kensington Palace Twitter feed, to publicise the Invictus Games. It features the Queen and Prince Harry fondly recollecting last year's event before receiving a very sassy video message from the United States. Barack and Michelle Obama raise the stakes and challenge the Royal Family, who respond with some shade of their own. Watch the full video in all its outrageous glory here:

The Invictus Games were created by Prince Harry as a rival to the Paralympics where wounded and sick armed forces service men and women compete in sports such as wheelchair basketball and a seated version of volleyball. It is a phenomenal way to showcase the talents and courage of veterans. Or as Prince Harry puts it in his 'drop the mic' moment - boom.

This amazing Twitter moment starts with Prince Harry and the Queen checking out some pictures of last year's event.

Before Prince Harry gets an interesting text from F.L.O.T.U.S because that's how everyone records Michelle Obama in their contact lists apparently.

The Obamas and their entourage lay down some definite attitude.

And the Queen is not impressed. This is almost treason and it has just become a major international incident. Bring on the Games!

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