Boaty McBoatface Returns as US Elementary School Tries to Pick New Name

The glorious saga of Boaty McBoatface has crossed the Atlantic and hit the US. Robert E Lee Elementary School in Austin, Texas decided to change its name and invited suggestions from parents and the community. Of course, people took the opportunity to troll the process and added some creative suggestions of their own. Boaty McBoatface was among them, as was Schoolie McSchoolface. The name originally topped the poll to name the Natural Environment Research Council’s polar ship by more than four votes than its nearest competitor. It became a national controversy as the dry British humour behind it clashed with the overly-serious government figures with the final say.

However, this contest in the United States is far more political and contentious. This school decided to re-brand after its current name was overwhelmed with criticism for its Confederate connotations. Robert E Lee was an American general who commanded the Confederate Army in North Virginia during the US Civil War and opposed the abolition of slavery after it. This is a racist legacy to glorify in a school and sustained pressure has been put against similar American institutions honouring Confederate figures.

Sadly, times have not changed much and the suggestions put forward reflect the current racist political climate. Boaty McBoatface is a great bit of fun but some of the other names are dangerous. Donald J. Trump Elementary topped the poll, with 45 people recommending that children be taught at a school named after the racist, misogynistic thug currently taking America by storm. The Adolf Hitler School for Friendship and Tolerance was another top suggestion. 34 people re-submitted the current name and countless others added variations of Robert E Lee. Luckily, some people in Texas recommended some serious people such as Michelle Obama and Malala Yousafzai  and some more humorous suggestions

What the school could look like if administrators picked some of the public suggestions.

Here are a small selection of the funniest and most disturbing of the 200 names suggested:

Boaty McBoatface
Schoolie McSchoolface
Adolf Hitler School for Friendship and Tolerance
Bleeding Heart Liberal Elementary
Confederate Hero High
Donald J. Trump Elementary
Generic School Name
Hypothetical Perfect Person Memorial Elementary School
Idiocracy Elementary
John Cena Elementary School
Kanye West Elementary
Texas Declaration of Independence
The Elementary School Formerly Know as Robert E Lee
The Illuminati

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