Sneaky Cards Is The New Game Spreading Joy Around The World

Card games aren't well known for their serious social ambitions but a new game is amazing fun and also has a great message about the world around us. Sneaky Cards is played by a single person who gets a set of cards with different tasks. They must then do a task for or with another person before giving them the card.

For example, you are asked to bake a cake for a friend, give the card to someone who looks like you or play a board game with a stranger. They are sorted by different categories including engage, suprise, care, create, connect and grow.

As you can imagine this is both awkward and hilarious. However, once you get into the swing of it and overcome your initial hesitation, it can be a really amazing way to connect with random people you would not encounter otherwise.

We all need a little more community and joy in our lives and this is a simple way to brighten up someone's day. It differs from other games such as Cards Against Humanity and Exploding Kittens which are amazing fun but don't take that fun beyond your friends and one moment in time.

The cards are passed on from person to person, spreading good deeds, random interactions and joy as they go. It is this kind of social interaction we need to build empathy and cohesive communities, connecting with people outside our usual circles.

People have even been quite ambitious with how far they want their cards to go:

It is fairly cheap to buy and the perfect way to make you and someone else smile. It may even lead to people doing good things without needing prompting. This is the perfect way to shift our unpleasantly fearful attitude towards strangers. After all, even the best friend was a stranger once.

Buy it on Amazon here for just £10
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