The Best of 2015 on Politics Beyond Politicians

It has been a vintage year for politics, including the surprise night in May that brought us a Conservative government followed by the drama of Jeremy Corbyn's rise to power. In the United States, the election debates have started and we have all been slightly confused by the popularity of Donald Trump. Broader politics has seen the growth of Islamic State and attacks in Paris and beyond. This post is a review of the top articles on Politics Beyond Politicians this year, according to how many people have viewed them.

5) 11 Brilliant Gift Ideas for People That Love Politics

Our Christmas special included some of the best ideas for presents for politics lovers. It included the The Corbyn Colouring Book, The UN Security Council Game and a rather controversial t-shirt. If you didn't get them as gifts, you know you want to buy them now!

4) Eye Salon Tried to Ban Muslims After Paris Attacks

This shocking story followed the wave of Islamophobia in the wake of the Paris terror attacks. An eye salon owner posted online they wouldn't be taking any Muslim bookings. Now that major world leadership candidates are saying the same, it is a deeply worrying trend. Luckily Facebook users responded to this one with a lot of sarcasm and jokes.

3) 10 Reasons You Should Study A Politics Degree

My Politics degree was one of the main inspirations for starting this blog. Now I have finished but there are so many reasons why other people should choose this as their subject.

2) Guy Takes Down Racist Friend On Facebook With Best Ever Trolling

If someone on your Facebook feed was racist, homophobic and generally quite stupid, what would you do? This man trolled him for weeks with hilarious put-downs. Stay with the conversation and you won't be able to breathe by the end.

1) Christians Against Dinosaurs is the Best Facebook Group of 2015

The most popular post of the year was about this interesting group on the social networking site. It features a mixture of Christian fundamentalists and trolls posting absurd memes, comments and debates about their deeply held view that dinosaurs are not real.
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