11 Brilliant Gift Ideas For People That Love Politics

1) The Jeremy Corbyn Colouring Book

Comrades! Arm yourselves with colouring pencils and prepare for socialism! Buy for £6.29.

2) Where's Boris?

This will have you looking for the real Wally. Buy for £7.99.

3) A Feminist T-Shirt

Show the world that you are a proud feminist. Buy for £9.95.

4) Article 27 The United Nations Security Council Game

It says there is no prior knowledge of the UN required, but politics geeks will have been waiting for this game all their lives. Buy for £33.08.

5) Private Eye Annual 2015

The best political satire going this Christmas - the perfect stocking filler. Buy for £6.99.

6) Democrat Cufflinks

Celebrate fellow American geeks with these exquisite cufflinks. Perfect for US politics geeks. Buy for £30.

7) Life Size Cutout of David Cameron

With this gift, your loved one can pretend they have our Prime Minister actually in their room. To worship or defile depending on their political persuasion. Buy for £29.95.

8) Labour Party Pin

Wear this rose proudly to show that you are Labour. Buy for £4.99.

9) The Best Political TV Shows

We are in a golden age for political television, try House Of Cards and The Thick Of It.

10) A Political Argument Mug

Frantic conspiracy theories or incoherent screaming? Buy for £7.45.

11) Politicians: Putting the N in Cuts

Truer now than ever before. Buy for £12.95.  
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