World's Biggest 3D Printer Will Build Low Cost Houses

"We are dreamers. We are manufacturers. We are Makers. We start from 3D printing to save the world."

These are the words of a group of people named World's Advanced Saving Project, or WASP. They are preparing to unveil the world’s biggest 3D printer, which will be used to print entire houses made of clay. These properties will be low cost and environmentally sustainable, offering a strategy to deal with the global housing crisis in the future.

The printer, named Big Delta, has been made in Italy. It stands at 12 metres tall but, incredibly, uses only 100 watts of power. They describe the homes it produces as ‘zero miles’. This is because they aim to gather materials from the surrounding area, reducing costs and eliminating the need for global supply chains and a hefty environmental cost.
This is an excellent use of advancing technology to solve a humanitarian issue. It is likely to make a huge impact on the developing countries and communities in which it is deployed. In fact, it meets global needs on two fronts. As well as its impact on poverty, it will build houses in a sustainable way. It will harness power from areas that have historically suffered from a lack of connection to the power grid. It is a mobile machine designed to function using water, solar and wind power.

3D printing has made astounding leaps in recent years. It has been touted as a huge part of industries from food to jewellery and looks set to shape the future of manufacturing, crafts and products in our homes. However, homelessness and poverty are huge problems. WomenAid International estimates that there are 100 million children living homeless on the streets around the world. This ambitious project offers a clue into the possibilities we will have to embrace if we want to challenge this fundamental human tragedy.

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