9 Of The Funniest 2015 General Election Music Videos

Some have complained that this year's General Election has been one of the most boring campaigns in recent history. Whilst it is great that the serious issues have been thoughtfully debated, these hilarious music videos have added a little colour to the campaign trail.

1. Cameron's Conference Rap by CassetteBoy

This amazing mash-up of David Cameron tops my poll for brutally exposing his innermost thoughts by flawlessly piecing together his Conference speech.

2. Change the Tune by The Green Party

The Green Party knew that this was their election to try and break through so alongside their debate appearances, they released this brave musical number as their party election broadcast. It is glorious, even if the boyband members look nothing like their real life counterparts.

3. The Ballot Ballad by Sky News

This dub of Boyz 2 Men's I Swear makes the party leaders look cuddly and adorable.

4. The General Affection Song by Sky News

This slightly sexually charged song is worth it just for when the party leaders stare intimately into each others eyes. A sign of coalitions to come perhaps.

5. Ed Miliband Careless Whisper by mikeyblag

His smouldering gaze is enough to make even the staunchest Tory weak at the knees.

6. The Budget Rap Battle by Sky News

A battle of bars between Chancellors and leaders, what more could you want? Anything.

7. David Cameron on Britain's Got Talent by Huffington Post

Not showing much of a flair for performance, the Prime Minister just about sasses his way to rejection on BGT. Stay tuned for the inevitable X Factor audition from Nick Clegg.

8. How to Win A British Election by Huffington Post

Extra points for effort and nostalgia, this has got all the politicians you could wish for.

9. 2015 UK Elections Rap Parody by skafaceaka

Less polish but more warmth from a group advocating None of the Above. Basically saying they are all the same but with less budget than the Green Party video.
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