Parody Job Site For Zero-Hour Contracts Launched On Budget Day

George Osborne has been busy announcing his pre-election Budget, offering all the glittering promises that would be fulfilled if the government is re-elected. But a website parodying job sites has been launched to draw attention to some of the people that suffer from poverty despite today's announcements. has been set up to raise awareness of people that work on zero-hour contracts. These people suffer from little flexibility, lower pay, significantly inferior benefits and greater vulnerability to exploitation.

The website features a grinning George Osborne and is a stylish protest against the pressures of the current economic system. It takes figures from the Guardian that show that almost 700,000 people are on these contracts. Go to the website and click on some of the options. Pop ups show how people on zero hours contracts don't have a minimum salary, notice period or many key employment benefits.

The website has been set up by Hack Change, which describes itself as 'a series of hack days set up to create radical and fun online interventions in the run up to the 2015 general election'.

They also set up, with a map of the UK. If you click on your city, you can see what the Conservatives have done for you. I clicked on Birmingham and was greeted by this delightful image:

But of course, the image for London was slightly different:

These people are criticising the government and the ways its policies have encouraged zero-hours contracts. But they are doing it in a way that the opposition are not, through simple and interactive experiences that resonate with a 21st century audience. The messages are a little simple and naive but the group have raised some eyebrows and awareness on Budget Day.
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