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It has been a pleasure to watch Politics Beyond Politicians grow in its second year. When I launched it in June 2013, it was the perfect companion to my Politics degree. This year I have blogged about subjects as diverse as social media, food, the internet and football. All these subjects have been united by their political nuances without being overly focused on the actions or soundbites of politicians. In 2015, my life will have some upheaval as I graduate university and hopefully navigate the world of work. However, I would like to post more often and more consistently, as well as writing more personal posts that reflect on the politics I encounter in my own life.

In the meantime, though, I am proud to release in reverse order the top 5 posts of this year, based on the number of times they have been viewed.

5) Defending the Controversial New Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Cover
A new version of this classic Roald Dahl story was released to an adult audience with an oversexualised doll-like girl on the cover. It attracted a storm of criticism from people holding on to their childhood nostalgia but I defended it for highlighting the theme of exploitation in the books.

4) JK Rowling Dramatically Steps Back Into The Scottish Independence Debate
When the legendary author donated £1 million to the No campaign fighting against independence, it exposed the tensions in the referendum. This post interrogated whether each side was relying on emotional or rational arguments.

3) Is Friends the Vision of A Perfect Life?
One of the best-loved sit-coms turned 20 this year. Looking back, the show answers questions about what it means to live a fulfilling life. It had friendship, relationships and dreams that we can all love and learn from.

2) Gove Bans 'Of Mice And Men', Preferring A Curriculum Of Conservative, Nationalistic Propaganda
At GCSE, I read this incredibly important book, which shone a light onto migrant ranch workers and the oppression in US history. However, Michael Gove's new education reforms tried to discourage classic American literature in favour of British authors, reinforcing nationalism in our curriculum.

1) Is North Korea Really Pretending To Still Be In The World Cup?
In the summer, we were treated to the glorious feast of football, but North Korea had not even qualified. Yet a news video emerged claiming that the country was still competing in the World Cup and winning matches. This post tried to get to the bottom of the mystery and work out whether it was state propaganda or an effective hoax.

Thank you for reading. If you enjoyed these posts you may also like to read the best of 2013 on Politics Beyond Politicians.
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