Is North Korea Really Pretending To Still Be In The World Cup?

According to viral news footage, the state-controlled North Korean media is reporting that the national team are still in the World Cup. It patches video from real North Korea matches, many with empty stadiums, together with jubilant scenes of Brazilian crowds. Apparently, they are set to face Portugal in the Round of 16. In the group stage, they beat Japan 7-0, USA 4-0 and China 2-0 with clearly a better defence than Brazil. All of this despite the small problem of not having qualified for the tournament in Brazil and it being the day of the Final.

The problem with North Korean secrecy is that fiction blurs with fact. It is hosted on the channel 'Korea News Backup' and ironically has comments disabled. Watch the video below and judge for yourself whether it is brilliant satire or part of the scary and often embarrassing veneration of the North Korean state and leader.

It is certainly more believable that the state media are inventing the successes of the national football team than some of the other stories that have actually been reported. For example, Kim Jong-Un is reported to have invented the hamburger, led the world in golf and caused rainbows in the sky when he was born.

The World Cup story is probably a clever satire that has worked better than the video editor could have imagined. The words don't match up and the editing is too ridiculous to be taken seriously. They even show the real matches in the country and whilst they are not broadcast live, most would not be fooled by the footage if it were real.
An old picture of the North Korea football team

The story has probably fooled so many media outlets into thinking it was real because of other ludicrous North Korea stories in the press recently. The North Korean diplomat has declared Seth Rogen and James Franco's latest film as an 'act of war'. They warned the US government and United Nations not to tolerate the release of the movie, about the fictitious assassination of Kim Jong-Un.

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