Sleeping Out On The Streets For The Homeless

Have you ever encountered a homeless person on the street, shifted past uncomfortably, muttered something inaudible or felt awkward. The answer, is probably yes. If you are reading this, you probably enjoy the privileges of a comfortable home and life. However, the main cause of homelessness is relationship breakdown. Any of us could find ourselves in a dramatically different situation, sleeping rough or in a hostel one day. The difference to your life is incredible, encapsulated by the life expectancy of homeless people at just 47 years. If you are homeless, you are thirteen times more likely to be a victim of violence.

I am a very lucky person to have never been exposed to such a vulnerable way of life. However, I too cannot properly comprehend homelessness, which is why I am trying to understand it and make a difference. On the 26th of February, I will be sleeping rough on the streets of Coventry overnight. The weather will be dreadful and the students taking part will be miserable in their experience. But that is the point. It is recognised by homeless charities as an effective way for people to appreciate the life of a homeless person, even if it is just for one night. All I am allowed to take is a sleeping bag and the clothes on my back.

As well as opening my eyes and challenging the negative stereotypes of homelessness, we are hoping to raise money through our sleepout. All the money raised is going to Cyrenians, a homeless charity that helps these disadvantaged people rebuild their lives with a comprehensive set of services and support. This is such an important cause so I hope you will support our efforts with a small donation to my fundraising page by following this link. You can read the stories of the people that Cyrenians help by visiting their website. Thank you so much for reading this and I am looking forward to blogging again after I have slept rough to reflect on my experiences.

Please give whatever you can to support the vulnerable homeless by visiting:
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