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As somebody that was not alive during the Cold War, I cannot imagine the horror and ridiculousness of nuclear war and mutually assured destruction. The fact that countries still aspire to a nuclear arsenal is a disgraceful part of modern international affairs. I also cannot understand why Western countries can be so hypocritical about the issue. Politicians in the UK defend the Trident nuclear submarines and damn North Korean ambitions in the same breath. Even without the brinkmanship of the Cold War, we are still facing off the edge of a cliff of complete destruction. I watched this video with extreme interest, thinking through these issues.

Flickr: The Official CTBTO Photostream
A decade ago, Japanese artist Isao Hashimoto set out to depict every nuclear test in history in a time-lapsed video. The results are shocking and quietly disturbing. Small blips of light record each nuclear test. Counters add up the total number of explosions whilst separate counters number each country's total. It stops in 1998 at 2053 explosions but that is enough to leave a lasting impression on you. Whilst the small blips do not do the horrors of these atrocities justice, they are certainly moving. The sounds on the animation become a perverse symphony of destruction. Watch the video below. Bear with it because the number of nuclear explosions is slow. But in 1962, the year when the Cuban Missiles Crisis almost saw an apocalypse, it begins to hammer home the horror of our world.

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