What is 'Politics Beyond Politicians'?

I am tired of reading the politics sections of news outlets and seeing that most of their content comes from a politician's sound bite. It is not shocking for me to say that politicians are not especially popular. However, they are the lens through which most people see important issues. This community will think about our identities, the world and the issues in a way that the media does not. We can be free from politicians, parties and labels. We can discuss the things that rarely get talked about outside of the ivory towers of political science. Our world is changing and the communications revolution means we no longer have to rely on traditional ways of discovering new ideas. The blog and its Facebook community is designed to allow people with any level of interest to interact with these issues and offer their own ideas. Stay tuned for opportunities to become a guest blogger, questions, debates and much more.

Ciaran McCormick
Founder - 'Politics Beyond Politicians'
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